Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and support products and systems sourced from accredited suppliers to Australian Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies. The products are intended to provide discrete solutions to specific tactical challenges. We are not re-sellers of general homeland security products.

Our mission extends beyond the supply of equipment and Integrated Logistic Support; for those customers who may wish to outsource ILS or Fleet Management L3S will train suitably qualified persons to carry out these tasks. L3S can also provide ILS and Fleet Management services to holders of equipment no longer supported by their Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Nigel French

Commercial Director

Following a 12 year career in the British Army French joined the Federal Police and specialised in the then emerging Counter Terrorism responsibilities of the AFP. After transferring to the AFP Bureau of Criminal intelligence as an analyst, French joined PSCC, later part of the A-G’s Department. His work was focussed in the CT Ops and Planning section. In 1989 French, was invited to manage a commercial company selling EOD equipment and services to State and Federal government LEA and the ADF. Having acquired the company it was listed on the ASX in 2007.     

Mark Alston, MIET MAIPIO

Technical Director

Layer 3 Services is sad to announce the death of Mark Alston, a founding director of the Company and it’s technical mainstay. Mark died on the 2nd of October at Canberra Hospital from an aggressive secondary cancer. He will be sorely missed.

Mark was a two time recipient of the Herbert Lott Innovation and Invention Award – a prestigious award given to serving Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel who have developed equipment or processes which are of direct use and value to the Service.

Alston was in the Royal Marines for 16 years as a Signaller, then as a Technician. In his last 4 years he was seconded to Director General Surface Weapons Navy, where he became the technical lead for communications and crypto for the amphibious warfare vessels. On leaving the Marines Alston joined Redifon Ltd working on the minor war vessels and later type 23 frigates. Alston was the test and trials manager for HMAS Melbourne Internal and external communications after which Alston moved to Australia, joined Xtek Pty Ltd. He worked in the senior management area of security of high profile events. Project and technical area of Blaser Weapons, IED/EOD Robots and RF initiators, also  leading ILS where required. Leaving XTEK Alston Joined Fire Control and project managed the CROWS equipment. With Rheinmetall Mann Alston did his Prince2 Project Management Course and was the technical lead on sub contracts for Land 121 supply.