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ExploSim is a training system that emulates blast and fragmentation injuries from IEDs, EO and breaching charges for sizes from 100 grammes to 20,000 kilograms.

In Development

BushWhacker provides the team leader with surveillance, communication and remote firing capabilities within the 'Platoon in Defence' area. The system is based on very-short range (~200 m), very low-energy transmissions. Bushwacker removes the need to deploy communication cable or string between team members.

RemoTex is the stand-alone remote firing capability. Based on the Bushwhacker remote firing system, Remotex provides an independent firing systems suitable for deployment with assault/breaching teams, EOD/IEDD teams, demolition squads. The range can be extended to well beyond 200 m using landline.

Cockatoo is the stand-alone surveillance system. Based on the Bushwhacker surveillance system, a wide range of sensors can communicate back to the team leader. Cockatoo is designed for use by military, law enforcement and other agencies that need to monitor movement within the area of interest.